The Sydney Kids Committee is made up of volunteers from all parts of the community. The committee members generously donate their time, skills and experience to help run our fund-raising events.

The Sydney Kids Committee welcomes new people to the committee each year and they bring with them their expertise, energy and ideas to help continue the proud work of the committee.

We value people with enthusiasm, integrity, a ‘can do’ approach to working on a volunteer fund-raising committee and a love of helping improve the care of sick babies and children. If you would like to join us please send a cover letter and any other supporting material on the button below.

Since 2015:
Deborah Knight  TV Journalist 

2004–2014: Amanda Keller
TV Presenter & radio personality 

1994–2003: Mike Whitney
Former Australian cricketer & TV presenter

The committee have been extremely fortunate over the years to have the dedicated and generous support of 3 highly talented patrons.

These patrons volunteer their time to help the committee host their annual fund raising event and attend formal functions to celebrate and promote the efforts of the committee.

Christopher Webber
A doctor, a paediatric emergency Consultant and head of the Emergency Department of Sydney Children’s Hospital. Chris has worked at the hospital since 1989. He wanted to give back to the hospital by working with the volunteer Committee members from the community. He joined the Committee 10 years ago.
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The dedication and commitment of the members inspires him to continue fundraising. Chris’s medical career began in Queensland in 1982, working in both isolated small towns
and major centres. His broad understanding of the health system includes front-line patient care as well as medical training and health education at many levels. The cost of exceptional health care is expensive and Chris recognises the need to fundraise to add that extra level to a world class health system.

Paul Gallagher OAM
Vice President
Paul is a founding member and remains an active member of the Sydney Kids Committee which was formed in April 1993. Over the last 25 years Paul has served as President and is currently the Vice President. His interest to fundraise for the hospital is personal as Paul’s sister Fiona was born with brittle bones disease (osteogenesis imperfect). 
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Fiona spent most of her childhood in and out of the children’s hospital at Randwick and consequently Paul spent a considerable amount of time visiting. He was inspired by the work and commitment of the nurses and this motivated him to become a paediatric nurse. Paul’s mother instilled in him drive and dedication to raise money for the hospital to purchase equipment. He has a deep sense of loyalty to the committee and remains passionate and proud about what has been achieved since 1993. There have been 2 major milestones for Paul in being part of such a vital fundraising organisation, firstly in 2014 the Sydney Kids Committee was inducted into the hospital’s Hall of Champions in recognition of raising over $1,000,000 and secondly when he was awarded an Order of Australia for contribution to services to children through charitable paediatric care organisations.

Christopher Cosier
Events Co-ordinator & Secretary
Christopher joined the committee 10 years ago to give back to the Sydney Children’s Hospital after seeing the care and support the staff gave his nephew when he was a patient with a brain tumour.  
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Starting out in the family retail business in Wellington in rural NSW before moving to Sydney to forge a career both in retail and department and specialty stores, spanning over 30 years. He completed a degree in Adult Education (sub major in Human Resources) and after 20 years as a Human Resources Manager now runs his own consultancy to help people and businesses grow their potential and performance.

Julie Gavrilovic
Julie has been a member of the committee for 7 years and joined because she was asked by a former colleague to help out. What started as helping out, has become 7 years of dedication to supporting the Sydney Kids Committee to have the best accounting advice and services.
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Julie is a Certified Practicing Accountant with a wide range of experience in both financial and management accounting with a career highlight of being a Chief Financial Officer for a major Australian company. As a proud mother of two, Julie knows how important the work of the committee is in making a difference to families and staff at the hospital. She works diligently each year to maximise the funds given to Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick because she knows how hard committee work in their fundraising activities.

Heidi Silva
Committee member
25 years ago, Heidi attended the inaugural fundraising ball of the committee with a lifelong patient of the Sydney Children’s Hospital. She has been supporting the cause and been a member of the committee ever since.
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Heidi is an Accountant who has worked for over 20 years in life insurance and banking. She applied her Accounting degree for many years as Treasurer and now enjoys being a general member, developing and establishing a wide range of skills quite different to her day-to-day number crunching.

Teah Linnegar
Committee member
Teah has been a member of the committee for just over 6 months, she joined to try and give back to the Children’s hospital after attending as a patient herself in her younger years. The hospital supported her and her family when she was diagnosed with a blood disorder, one that thankfully doesn’t prevent her from contributing to the committee!
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The period of time in which she visited the hospital on a regular basis was a difficult one considering the disorder restricted Teah from playing sport or completing activities with a risk factor, it inherently prevented her from completing childlike activities. The nurse and doctors worked to ensure Teah was in high spirits during her testing and treatment, highlighting just how significant the role of each individual is. Teah is a full time student who aims to work in the health sector herself, or in the field of politics. Teah’s main role is providing a younger perspective in discussion as well as ensuring the social media presence is reformed and improved.

Diane Martin
Committee member
Joining the Sydney Kids Committee in 2017, Diane has over a 20 year relationship with the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. Currently the nurse manager of the Intensive Care Unit. Diane is passionate about caring for critically ill children. This passion has driven her to join the committee to raise funds for much needed equipment for the hospital.

Melissa Werner
Committee member
Melissa has been on the Sydney Kids Committee since 2003. She joined the SKC because she was on life support as a baby and her mother was on the Christopher Robin committee for many years.
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After seeing all the help her mum was able to contribute to the hospital Melissa felt it was a great way for her to give back as well.  Melissa is a qualified preschool teacher and has worked with children for over 20 years. She now teaches casually and works as a special effects artist in film and television.